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Jeremy Putka

Vice President, Capstone Partners and Advisor to the Board

Jeremy Putka currently serves as Vice President at Capstone Partners—an elite investment bank, consulting firm, and publicly-held subsidiary of Huntington Bancshares—where he is engaged by companies, investors, and lenders to lead a variety of capital raising (debt & equity), mergers & acquisitions (M&A), and operating partner engagements, typically with values between $10-150 million. Prior to his leadership with Capstone, Jeremy was a Senior Management Consultant with Larx Advisors, where he supported corporate finance projects with private companies, and Director of Partnerships with P2Binvestor, where he led strategic business development efforts to grow the fund’s loan/investment portfolio and scale its financial technology. Before his transition to finance, Jeremy began his career as an engineer where he worked across product development, research, design, and quality departments at Otter Products and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies.

As an advisor to Breakthrough, and mentor since 2018, Jeremy is invigorated after every in-prison volunteer experience where he witnesses the power of philanthropy and business to join forces and create incredible impact.