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Perry S.

CSP Peer Facilitator and Advisor to the Board

Perry is a Japanese immigrant with over 30-years of experience in business management and finance. He graduated from the Defy Ventures Colorado Entrepreneurship program (now Breakthrough’s The Challenge program) in 2019, and has served as a Peer Facilitator since 2020. Of his experience with Breakthrough, Perry says “The expertise and compassion of the Breakthrough community provided me guidance and hope to learn from my failures and live my life with greater integrity and deeper humility.”

Having served eight years in the Colorado Department of Corrections, Perry will be eligible for work release in 2024, upon which one of his goals is to continue promoting Breakthrough’s vision to reform our criminal justice system by serving its mission to eradicate the recidivism of those who reenter society after incarceration.

Perry recently celebrated his 30-year wedding anniversary and shares three amazing children with his wife, Linda. Perry credits much of his success, recovery, and rehabilitation to the love, support, and encouragement from his wife and children.