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Krissy Ostermiller

Founder, YA•YE Organics

Krissy graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2012, and prior to starting her own business, she worked in sustainability, marketing and advertising. Krissy founded her company, YA•YE Organics, to help make plant-based eating more accessible and appealing to all, and to empower individuals to take control of their physical and mental health using the power of food as medicine. One of Krissy’s many passions is event planning, particularly creating an environment for people to connect with each other in a deeply meaningful way. She started volunteering with us in July of 2019 and feels very connected to our mission—Krissy’s brother Michael was incarcerated for 9 years before he passed away in 2011, so giving life skills, business skills, and opportunities to currently and formerly incarcerated individuals is a central part of her mission.