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Circle of Hope

A Support Group for Those Formerly Incarcerated

Let’s be honest: Reentry is not easy. It’s even harder if someone tries to go through the process alone. Here at Breakthrough, we believe that people are more than their past. That they can rise above and breakthrough to a better tomorrow. That’s why we created the Circle of Hope.

It is well known that families and social support networks play a critical role in an individual’s transition from incarceration to the community. It can be overwhelming to try to find a job, find a place to live, get the necessary identification you need to even START a job, and even just put one foot in front of the other each day. We know, because the members of Circle of Hope have been there.

Our mission with Circle of Hope is to create a safe, supportive, and understanding community space for those who have been incarcerated, and are committed to rebuilding their lives and living successfully.

We accept people as they are–all humans are worthy of humanity! We embrace true connections and aim to build bridges across cultural gaps. We invite people from all backgrounds to join together in all-out belonging. Our meetings touch on everything from finding employment, finding housing, financial literacy, dealing with all the emotions faced during reentry, and even… art projects!

Join us the first and third Thursday every month via Zoom from 6pm to 7pm MT, and the second and fourth Saturday in person at Mile High Workshop from 11am to 12:30pm with an optional workshop from 12:30pm to 2:00pm. We can’t wait to meet you and help you with your reentry journey.

As of 6.11.22: Circle of Hope is temporarily suspended. We are still here to support you though, and if you need assistance, please contact or call 720-722-6465.

Post-Release Coach

Are you someone who likes to share your expertise? This is the role for you. Post-Release Coaches connect with our people on a case-by-case basis. They offer support in the coach’s area of expertise for a one-time meeting. Post-Release Coaches are connected with our people in need of support in the coaches area of expertise for a one-time meeting. Our four areas are Career Development, Character Development, Life Skills, and the Entrepreneurial Mindset. If most of our Exemplars require support in a particular area, a Post-Release Coach might run a small group workshop.

In this role, you are committing to one session at a time. No long-term or ongoing sessions are required, meaning you can select your own cadence of engagement. We ask that you follow through on your commitment once you have started a mentoring session or workshop.

Post-Release Mentor

Mentors have closer relationships with our people. A Post-Release Mentor pairs up with an Exemplar for a one-on-one growth experience. In this role, you become a sounding board and a life skills advisor to a graduate. Participants are asked to make a commitment” to “Participants commit to four months, with four hours each month—however that time works for the two people involved. The highly individualized role will differ depending on your assigned person and their needs. In this role, you will help our people establish learning/growth objectives based on their individual needs at the time of mentoring and support them as they identify a plan to execute.