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Breakthrough to a Better Tomorrow

With over half of Colorado’s released individuals returning to prison within three years, break the cycle and break through to a better tomorrow with initiatives that create a more diverse and forward-thinking community, reduce recidivism rates, and increase financial security for people rejoining society.

It costs the state of Colorado $46,866 to incarcerate one person for one year (CDOC, FY 2019-2020). The three year recidivism rate in Colorado is 44.9% (CDOC, 2017). It costs Breakthrough $3,100 to put one person through our in-facility programming. Our recidivism rate is 6%. For the reduction in recidivism that we have achieved, we have saved the state of Colorado and its taxpayers over $24 million.

The math is simple; your contribution is an investment in our people and your community.

Breakthrough is a 501c3 non-profit organization, all of your donations are tax deductible. EIN: 83-0636337. Check donations may be sent to 1766 W 46th Ave, P.O. Box #: 11146, Denver, CO 80211.

We are proud to say that we have earned a Gold Seal of Transparency from Candid!

$3,000 or
$250 per month

Invest in one currently incarcerated person’s life by providing them with the eight-month in-facility program, “The Challenge”.

$1,500 or
$125 per month

Provide program materials for one person going through “The Challenge” program. This is not a full representation of how much it costs to provide the full program to one individual for 8 months.

$650 or
$55 per month

Invest in someone’s ability to find a job and connect with their community by providing one welcome home pack (laptop, cell phone, and other essentials).

$65 or
$6 per month

Invest in someone’s warm welcome back into the community by providing one re-entry support session to someone we are welcoming home.

(one time)

Facilitate community by providing a coaching session between a volunteer and a returning citizen.


More Ways You Can Help