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Key Metrics

as of December 19, 2023

We believe that everyone deserves another chance. To learn new skills, build business knowledge, and redefine their future. Employment and entrepreneurship training from Breakthrough is the first step to turning a new page and rewriting your story.

With over half of Colorado’s released individuals returning to prison within three years, break the cycle and break through to a better tomorrow with programs designed to help you realize your true potential.

91% Employment

An overwhelming majority of our participants in the community are gainfully employed. This is a rate that often exceeds the national workforce.

6% Recidivism

A small percentage of our participants that have been released in to the community have recidivated since our organization began operation in 2017. By comparison, an individual released from a Colorado prison sees their risk of return to confinement rise from 8.8% to 25.1% to 40.1% respectively over their first, second, and third years in the community.

86% Enrollment

A large majorityof our participants in the community have been enrolled in our post-release program. Of those that have enrolled, 0% of them have recidivated.

Employment Defined

A program participant is determined to be employed when they have secured stable employment that provides income at a consistent frequency. We do not consider contingent work (day labor) as employment.

Contingent work is considered employment by the Division of Parole in the State of Colorado, however, Breakthrough feels that successful reintegration within the community requires a stable and dependable income. Therefore, we do not count contingent work as employed.

Recidivism Defined

A program participant is determined to have recidivated when they have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor offense. Participants returned to the Department of Corrections for technical parole violations are also considered recidivated.

Technical parole violations are included in this number but notated as they do not always involve criminal behavior.

Enrollment Defined

A program participant is determined to have been enrolled in our post-release program when they have scheduled and attended a “welcome home” meeting with our post-release staff.

A “welcome home” meeting assesses the post-release needs of a participant in the areas of housing, employment, education and more.