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Meet KT

KT graduated from Cohort 2 at La Vista Correctional Facility (LVCF) in 2022. After completing the program, she decided to stay on as a Peer Facilitator and help the ladies in Cohort 3 work through the program.

Learn more about how Breakthrough helped KT bring to the surface qualities she thought she had lost, and created a radical hope for tomorrow for her.

Why did you decide to participate in the Breakthrough program?
I wanted to challenge myself in any way possible. I was fresh to prison and I knew that I wanted to better myself in any way possible. I was ready to re-learn who I was and gain new skills so that I can succeed once I get out of prison.

How has Breakthrough helped you?
IN SO MANY WAYS! It brought back so many qualities that I had buried deep down back to the surface. My confidence, my determination, my ability to handle stress and overcome obstacles big and small. I was feeling ashamed and unworthy when I got my felonies, and with Breakthrough I have been reassured that I will still be able to get a job and be self-sufficient.

What is one thing that stuck out to you about the Breakthrough program?
The love and support that the staff, and especially the volunteers, show us is AMAZING. To know that the community still believes in us and are there to teach us and push us to become the best version of ourselves.

What is the best part about volunteers coming in to participate in the milestone events?
Being able to feel the love and support. Meeting people from all different backgrounds and stories, but they are there to give us hope. It’s especially cool to see familiar faces that keep us returning to all the events.

What was the “scariest” thing about coming home?
Overcoming everyone else’s perception or opinion about me. I know that once you are in the system it’s hard to get out. I just want to prove everyone right who believes in me.

“A second chance could be the best thing you have ever given someone.”

What is one “myth” you’d want to bust about individuals who have been incarcerated?
That everyone who is incarcerated is just going to continue messing  up. There are people who use their time to better themselves. Some of us learn from our mistakes and prison [ends up being] a blessing; and a chance to be selfish and become the person we were born to be.

What is one thing you want people in society to know about returning citizens?
That a lot of us are ready to show our determination to overcome what was, and show who we are now. A second chance could be the best thing you have ever given someone.

If you could say anything about why people should support Breakthrough, what would you say?
This is a program that has the ability to give broken people hope. Why wouldn’t you want to help change the statistics and keep people out of prison? This program gives people the skills and resources to become someone, not just a “criminal.”

Anything else you’d like to add:
I am so grateful for everything that has happened since being incarcerated. Some people would look at prison as a tragedy, but it has been my blessing. I have learned so much about myself… my worth, my ability to overcome challenges and become the person my family and kids need me to be. Breakthrough was one of the best opportunities that I have had. I am excited to continue to show up and show out!

4 thoughts on “Meet KT”

  1. I am so proud of you! I wish only the best for you! You are so smart and beautiful and you really could do so many great things in life. Just believe in yourself, don’t give up and don’t let yourself down. You’ve got this! Love you always!
    Aunt Steph

  2. We never doubted you could do this Katie! You are a very smart and talented girl. We all need you and can’t wait to see you!
    Love you- Grandpa and Grandma

  3. We knew you would do this! We are so proud of your accomplishments and can not wait to see you! The rest of your life you are going to show everyone how smart and strong you can be. Love you Katie-
    Grandpa Bob and Grandma Sandy

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