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Our Program

We walk alongside our participants from the inside out through our four program offerings: The Challenge, The Transformation, The Return, and The Exemplar. Our people‚Äôs journey and our first program offering, The Challenge, begins inside prisons. The Challenge is a 32-week (8-month) program in which they will be asked to alter their lives and mindsets in difficult and vulnerable ways that enhance each individual’s Job Readiness, Character Development, Reentry Planning, and the Entrepreneurial Mindset. Our participants have the opportunity to remain within our organization during their time of incarceration by participating in The Transformation, our in-prison alumni association. We believe in improving the quality of life within prisons, as well as continuing to support our graduates in the personal transformation process while they await release. This is a time when alumni are able to show off what they learned in The Challenge. For our participants rejoining society, we support them in their unique transition through The Return. During The Return participants will be assisted as they work to gain stability and successfully acclimate to the outside. Our primary role for those in The Return is obtaining and maintaining stable employment while helping them to fill skill gaps as they embark on their chosen career path. To help our program participants successfully stabilize we connect them with trusted community partners specializing in their area of need. The key factors of stability include, food, clothing, housing, employment, safety, program completion, and personal identification. Once participants have found stability they begin the final stage of their journey, The Exemplar. In this stage we focus on career development, personal growth, and entrepreneurial guidance. People in The Exemplar program have access to our dedicated network of mentors and career workshops.