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Eboni Nash

Educational Associate and Grant Writer

Eboni Nash (She/Hers) is a practitioner of liberation, racial justice advocate, and community builder that centers her work in radical self-care and healing pedagogy. She identifies herself as a Black and Indigenous woman, a descendant of the Muscogee Creek tribe and fully steps into her identity through her work of deconstructing oppressive infrastructures and uplifting lived experiences. Nash received her BA from Hastings College, triple majoring in criminology, psychology, and religion. She then went on to receive her Masters in Theological Studies at Harvard Divinity School, where she focused on social justice, Black liberation, and institutional frameworks. 

Eboni has a mission to abolish and expose oppressive, destructive, and socially violent structures that counteract the progression of humanity; more specifically marginalized communities.To do this she actively invites lived experience, rejects cultural violence, and continually practices the embodiment of liberation and story-weaving to be the core of healing and bridge building within communities. 

Eboni prioritizes storyweaving and relational understanding as the means for trauma informed-healing. She will be working with our participants at Colorado State Penitentiary and Centennial Correctional Facility, our brand new facility in 2023! 

She enjoys writing, outdoor adventures and trying new food. You can follow her on LinkedIn by using this link!