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Jason Hogan

Programs and Services Manager

Jason Hogan firmly believes that rock bottom is an extraordinary place to lay the groundwork for a remarkable future.

Jason’s life has been a testament to the incredible power of resilience and personal growth. After spending over 23 years in prison, he emerged from rock bottom with an unwavering determination to turn his life around. Adversity, challenges, and uncertainty became the catalysts for his transformation.

Throughout his journey, Jason committed himself to higher education, self-improvement, and preparing for a future he wasn’t sure he would ever have. Despite the obstacles, he earned two degrees with honors and made significant contributions to his community, both inside and outside the prison walls. As a Breakthrough Peer Facilitator, Mental Health Peer Assistant, and Legislative Inside Representative, Jason inspired others, offered support, and advocated for positive change.

Jason believes that success is not merely a destination but a mindset. He attributes his personal growth, achievements, and ability to impact lives to his faith, education, commitment, and consistency. Today, his story serves as a powerful reminder that even from the darkest depths, redemption and transformation are possible, igniting hope in the hearts of those facing their own struggles.