Volunteer Opportunities

We call them volunteers, but in reality, these coaches, business and community leaders, friends, and family members are the secret sauce at Breakthrough. Thanks to them, we can leverage substantial legal, business and finance, marketing and PR, logistical and operational experience, and expertise for the benefit of our program participants. Hundreds have joined us in coaching and mentoring our people, and we’re just getting started! 

In-person interactions with our volunteers provide our people with hope and increased self-confidence, supporting them to transform attitudes and successfully return to the community upon release. But we often hear that our volunteers receive a lot more than they give. Breakthrough volunteers experience tremendous growth as they develop empathy for an overlooked and stigmatized population. Perhaps best of all, they often become advocates who help shift societal perceptions to build stronger communities and open doors to future opportunities. 

We have a ton of volunteer opportunities—everything from in-prison to in the community! In-prison volunteer opportunities include coaching our people at our milestone events and in-classroom coaching sessions to provide additional content and feedback. We are also looking for volunteers to mentor and coach our post-release Exemplars in the community. Please see details for specific roles below!

Post-Release Coach

Are you someone who likes to share your expertise? This is the role for you. Post-Release Coaches connect with our people on a case-by-case basis. They offer support in the coach’s area of expertise for a one-time meeting. Post-Release Coaches are connected with our people in need of support in the coaches area of expertise for a one-time meeting. Our four areas are Career Development, Character Development, Life Skills, and the Entrepreneurial Mindset. If most of our Exemplars require support in a particular area, a Post-Release Coach might run a small group workshop.

In this role, you are committing to one session at a time. No long-term or ongoing sessions are required, meaning you can select your own cadence of engagement. We ask that you follow through on your commitment once you have started a mentoring session or workshop.

Post-Release Mentor

Mentors have closer relationships with our people. A Post-Release Mentor pairs up with an Exemplar for a one-on-one growth experience. In this role, you become a sounding board and a life skills advisor to a graduate. Participants are asked to make a commitment” to “Participants commit to four months, with four hours each month—however that time works for the two people involved. The highly individualized role will differ depending on your assigned person and their needs. In this role, you will help our people establish learning/growth objectives based on their individual needs at the time of mentoring and support them as they identify a plan to execute.

“The Ready” Slack Member

Join our Slack space to meet like-minded members of your community as we all work toward our mission
of building a dependable community of trust, awareness, and belonging—where all are worthy of humanity. This is the simplest way to join “The Ready.” The Ready is the name of our community where members are open to ideas that challenge their worldview and intentionally seek out new experiences.

Regardless if they are a volunteer, teacher, or participant with the program, the possibility of a better future drives them. They are life-long learners with resilient curiosity. They are optimistic and highly motivated, eager to rise to the challenges ahead, and consistently exceeding expectations. They are poised to author a just society–through inclusivity, education, and empathy.